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Our Story

We love our community – and coffee – and that’s how Tenth Street Coffee was born! Tenth Street Coffee is located on Tenth Street in the beautiful, riverside community of Palmetto, Florida. Palmetto is such a special place; where family and faith are valued with the utmost importance. People genuinely care about one another and neighbors and friends feel like family. During the 2020 pandemic, we missed seeing the precious people we had gone to church with, cheered at football games with, grown up with and shared our amazing hometown with. So, when the opportunity for a Coffee Shop became available in the charming, historic, friendly neighborhood of West Palmetto, we knew this was our opportunity to build an environment to bring our friends and family together again. Our heart, at Tenth Street Coffee, is to create a warm, welcoming environment for people to gather, enjoy friendships, be inspired and to experience peace. So, come on in and enjoy friendly smiles, laughter and stories over a refreshing cup of coffee!

Our Coffee

At Tenth Street Coffee, we love supporting mission points around the world. That’s why we are excited to partner with Sweet Water Coffee Exchange who provide 100% organic coffee beans that give our coffee such a rich, savory flavor. By partnering with Sweet Water Coffee Exchange, all of our Coffee Beans are grown by local farmers in Third World Countries. Therefore, every time you buy a cup of coffee from Tenth Street Coffee, you are empowering and supporting farmers, their families and their communities in places such as Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Laos, Mexico, Peru and Sumatra! One cup really does go a long way!

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